Road Warrior Haiku

Hitting sheets early

Exhausted after the day’s

Long drive to Cleveland



Cooler today in the Mitten and the sun was a stranger.

Working in a conference room with no windows for these long days, I haven’t seen much sun anyway.

I had an appointment with my tax preparer this evening, so I left the office after only a 10-hour work day to get to the 6:00 p.m. appointment.  I made it just on time and there was enough rainy daylight left when the appointment concluded that I was able to fill up the gas tank before heading back to my parents’ house.

I’ve felt under the weather all week – at first I attributed the exhaustion to travel fatigue, but I suspect I might have picked up a bug.  A sinus headache has plagued me all day, so I’ve got a date with a hot shower and an early bedtime.  Hopefully those activities will cure the headache and give me more energy for another long day tomorrow.

Who knows, maybe I’ll see some sunshine soon!

Time Zone Tango

My team spans Eastern Standard through the Pacific time zones.

When I’m on my home turf, I wake early and try to be on-line a little before 6 PST because so much can happen by 9 EST.

This week, on Eastern time, I’m discombobulated.  I’m trying to reach team members in all of the time zones and am leaving long, rambling voice mails.  Tonight, I got back to the ‘rents by 6:45 – earliest night yet.

I wish I had more time here this week – there are so many people I’d like to see while I’m in my “home” town, but with the long work days, I’ve been unable to see anyone but family and my coworkers at the office.

I travel early Sunday to Cleveland, so I’d planned to spend the night at my sister’s on Saturday.  She invited me to stay Friday, too – and she’s having a party.  I hope I’m up for it – I may be the lame older sister who snores on the couch!

Think it will be an early-to-bed night!

Winter Critters

Winter appears to linger here in Michigan this year.

Staying with family while I’m working here this week, I cannot get enough of the furry and feathered creatures who still sport their winter coats.  In California, the birds and beasts appear scrawny when compared to these sturdy midwestern fauna.

Breakfast Break

Thirsty Work

Stealthy Sipper

Handsome Drake

Pretty Girl

Turbulent Creek

My mom and I spent part of the day walking the Rochester Municipal Park, admiring the ducks and the sound of the water.

Wearing mom’s walking shoes proved problematic and we had to cut our walk short as I felt the start of a blister forming.  I wish, of course, I would have packed hiking shoes, but I’ve been wearing Teva sandals on my walks this month and with snow still here on the ground in the Mitten, they would not have been the right walking shoes to pack.

Still, even though the temperature today was cold, walking in the sunshine was terrific.  I just wish my sister and her family would have joined!

A Little Sparkle

Like a magpie, I find enormous delight in things that sparkle.

This week, in the few short days working with  colleagues both within my organization and in our client partner’s organization, I received multiple compliments on my shoes and jewelry.  It really makes me feel good when people compliment my eclectic taste – especially since, working remotely and mostly from a home office, my usual attire has gone from business casual to yoga pants and t-shirts.  When I travel to collaborate with the team, it gives me the opportunity to wear sassier duds and bring out the bling.

A fan of Lindsay Phillips for years,  I own kitten heels and wedges, “switch” flops, and little leather ballet slipper “snap” flats in multiple colours.  This trip, I packed my black ballet flats and a few of my favorite snaps.  Unfortunately tonight, somewhere between dinner and returning to the hotel, I lost one of my Dylan snaps.  This style, retired for a while, proved a challenge to locate.  I found a website that had a set, so I ordered it immediately – I wear these snaps all the time and definitely wanted a replacement!  Here’s what the Dylan snaps look like – perfect for Tampa, no?

Lindsay Phillips Dylan Snap - Retired

Lindsay Phillips Dylan Snap – Retired

In addition to admiring my cute shoes and snaps this week, several people complimented my jewelry.  My Bijoulee ring garnered a considerable amount of praise during yesterday’s meeting and over dinner last night.  I wore the Dark Night Entwine design bar with my square band – my ring looked very similar to this – except on my finger.

Dark Night Entwine Design Bar/Square Band - Bijoulee

Dark Night Entwine Design Bar/Square Band – Bijoulee

I wore the band with different design bars every day this week.  Red Jasper, Purple Rain, and Dark Night Entwine so far.  I’ll wear a different design bar tomorrow.  I love being able to mix and match so that it appears as though I’m wearing something new and different every day.  I also like that the design bars can be worn with the ring base or as a pendant.

Today I wore my Origami Owl locket as well.  Earlier in the week, I just wore a small Chamilia bead on my black leather cord – one of my favorite looks.

Circle and Square - Black and White - Chamilia

Circle and Square – Black and White – Chamilia

I heard several colleagues say that they were going to do some retail therapy this weekend after admiring the jewelry and shoes – sometimes you just need a little sparkle!