What day can compare to a date with the universe?  Not this day.

Be warned – there is a little whine with my wine tonight.

I knew this would be a busy week.  This morning, after re-balancing my schedule and getting feedback from a team member, I adjusted my focus for the day.  I also changed my RSVP to the book club since I knew I would be late or miss completely – better to allow someone on the wait list to take my spot.

I love this local book group and it pained me to cancel.  Frankly, I did not want to be “that” person who cancels at the last-minute, but there proved no escaping it.  Tonight, I really needed to make time for a team member and that had to take precedence over my desire to socialize, eat, drink, and be merry.

I finally disconnected from my work computer at 7, the exact time the group would have started their talk about tonight’s book – “The Husband’s Secret“.  While they were engaging in intelligent conversation, I strapped on my hiking sandals, leashed the doodles, and set out to enjoy the last of the day’s sunlight.

Evening Delight

I guess if I had to miss one of my few social plans, at least the balmy evening walk gave me some much-needed exercise and pleasure.



Impatient Patient

I am not good at being down for the count.  By 3:00 this afternoon, I could wait no longer.  I called the clinic to ask if the final report relative to review of my x-rays was available.  It was not.

Anxious to know what next steps are needed to ensure my speedy recovery and disappointed that these are, as yet, not readily available to me.

Part of me is worried because my support system is very different now than it has been when I’ve managed to injure myself in the past.  Mom is on standby, waiting to know if I need her to fly to Cali to help me; as tempting as it is to have family visit, I’d so much rather be able to do things than be inexpertly mobile in crutches and a booted brace.  If surgery is needed, I may have to pull the Mom cord (not terribly unlike an umbilical, methinks).

Maybe this fall is an exercise in helping me learn patience – with myself and others.  Still, I am tempted to call the clinic again.  Enquiring minds (namely, mine) need to know!

Practicing Patience

I say practicing because I am not perfect at patience.  In fact, I think I need a lot more of it.

Maybe I’m crabby because today was a no-Zumba class at the gym – instructor training meant no classes in the group fitness room.  Maybe I woke up too early or on the wrong side of the bed.

Whatever the reason, I feel relatively far from my best today.  I find everything puts my teeth on edge.

To combat my sour mood, I took the doodles and my grandson on a 5 mile walk in the northern California sunshine.  Once again, it proved just what I needed to turn my day around.  We enjoyed the sun and I even got a lovely photo of Cricket at the nearby dog park.

Cricket’s not Crabby

When we returned home, we enjoyed a lovely lunch.

I’m working through my lack of patience.  Tomorrow is another day.  For today, I’m glad that the sunshine and company of fine dogs and an excellent grandson helped alleviate my foul mood!


Sometimes I open my mouth and inhale my foot.
Today was one of those days.
Hopefully I have not forever scarred my family with my belly-aching, complaining, and general surliness.
Here’s hoping that I can find my happy in Hot Hula tomorrow…

Faulty Execution

My plans of getting to bed early after a productive blogging session went awry when, for some reason not understood by me, my Photoshop Elements 10 Organizer stopped working.  I’ve spent hours tonight trying to uninstall, but I keep receiving an error message telling me that some Adobe items are open, but I cannot find them to close them.

Long story short, I remembered a post by my creative friend Manda about giving up control.  I wonder if this is part of my problem.  I have been taking the memory card from my camera, copying the files onto my external hard drive, and importing them into Elements Organizer from there.  Perhaps…just perhaps…my Mac does not prefer I do treat my photographs this way, but instead work through iPhoto, as Manda does.

I’m planning to reach to her – I can still use Photoshop Elements Editor without issue, but I loved the ability to organize and tag my photos using the Organizer space.  I’ll also keep searching for a solution on the user boards, but methinks my days of controlling the location of my photographs may be at an end.

Better luck tomorrow!


In my nearly 40 years on this earth, I have not yet learned the lesson that – in spite of my best and most fervent efforts and desires – there exist broken things outside of my ability to mend, gaps I am unable to bridge, chasms I cannot fill.
I am ever dissatisfied by my inabilities.
Tonight, I am too exhausted – physically and emotionally – to do anything more than admit how sad and defeated I feel in not being able to fix things in my personal life. What good is professional success if there is no one to share it with?
Homesick tonight – missing my family, and so glad to have talked with my sister, even if I botched the conversation with my confessions of homesickness.