The new year began a few days ago, but I delayed crafting resolutions.  Instead, I spent time with my step grandchildren encouraging their creativity and geeking out with Lord of the Rings and StarWars marathons; exercising my sprained ankle by walking the dogs; working culinary magic in the kitchen; photographing the wild beauty all around me; and reading books.  I broke down and turned on the heat in the house in advance of the first hard frost of the winter.

#Ztylus more frost!

I worked, too, but balanced the work with spending time with the grands.

Kiddos went home last night, so I read late into the evening to finish Stephen King‘s “Revival“.  My mind was so jazzed, sleep felt far off, so I started Rene Denfeld’s “The Enchanted“.  I also set a reading goal on GoodReads: 30 books in 2015.  If I finish “The Enchanted” tomorrow, as I suspect I will, I’ll be two full books in this new year toward the goal.  I’m also reading “The Game of Kings” by Dorothy Dunnett, but this first in a series of books called the Lymond Chronicles will probably take me a bit more than a weekend to finish.

And, of course, the goal setting made me think that maybe I ought to set some other realistic goals for the new year.  So, as I wait for the northern California sunshine to warm the morning before I take the dogs out for a walk, I set my mind to the task of crafting resolutions.

In 2015, I will:

  1. Read at least 30 books.
  2. Write:
    1. Post at least one blog entry each week.
    2. Resume Morning Pages daily journalling.
    3. Begin revising one NaNoWriMo draft novel – perhaps the first one.
    4. Write another novel in November 2015 NaNoWriMo.
  3. Move more:
    1. Walk at least 10,000 steps each day.
    2. As soon as my ankle will support it, get back to Zumba and Pilates at the gym.
  4. Take a photograph each day and post in a 2015 Project365 Flickr album.
  5. Treat myself to at least one Artist Date a month.

Accomplishing these resolutions requires a balance between work and my personal life, but I feel I’m ready for the challenge.

It’s time to focus on all the bright possibilities of 2015.  Happy new year!


Well-talked Book

First day back at work and play in Sacramento and I capped the day by participating in the local book club a friend of mine suggested. Tonight was only the second event I have been able to attend, but it proved as delightful as the first.

We meet at a fantastic book shop – Time-Tested Books – bring food and sometimes libations, and revel in engaging discourse about the chosen title. Tonight we discussed “The Obituary Writer” by Ann Hood. What I like most about this group is the way the conversations about the work ebb and flow. Everyone in the book club is fully present – no one is texting in the corner or checking their phones…we are, for the few hours together, social beings riffing on each other’s commentaries on the literature under discussion.

Tonight, the group contained several long-time attendees as well as many newer members like me. The combination of the comfortable meeting space, diverse group of readers, and welcoming tone of the discussion will certainly encourage the other newer members to return for future events.

Although I am exhausted from yesterday’s full travel day and today’s long work day, tonight’s outing provided food for the mind and soul. I am glad that I ventured out, even though I feel like a zombie. Tonight, I may just sleep like the dead!