Today is the day my divorce will be final.

When I imagined this day, I thought I would treat myself to something special – a massage, some champagne, a day off work to have a local adventure of some kind.

Reality is far less exotic: tending to an injured but healing Goldendoodle, working late, and maybe enjoying a glass of wine  or an Angry Orchard Elderflower and an episode of Mad Men.

I feel like a door is finally closing so that I can open new doors.  I did my grieving for this marriage years ago and have been working on healing over the past year and a half of separation.  The weight of the world is slipping from my weary shoulders and I’m looking forward to my life as officially unattached.


Confessions of a Lightweight

Long work week.

Did not get back to my parents’ house until later than I’d hoped, so didn’t complete all the things I’d originally wanted to do before heading to my sister’s house for the weekend.

She and her husband had family and friends over for a casual soiree complete with delicious cheese fondue (and chocolate later in the evening).  I grazed on the fruit and vegetables, dipping them into the cheese.  I also enjoyed a number of wine spritzers.

Too many wine spritzers, apparently.

I was sick overnight – my own doing.  Fortunately, I planned to spend the night at my sisters.  Unfortunately, I was still recovering this morning and missed my nephew’s hockey lesson.

Good thing I’m a year older and wiser today.  Think I’ll leave that party behavior to the young and just be my old, busted self.


Cooler today in the Mitten and the sun was a stranger.

Working in a conference room with no windows for these long days, I haven’t seen much sun anyway.

I had an appointment with my tax preparer this evening, so I left the office after only a 10-hour work day to get to the 6:00 p.m. appointment.  I made it just on time and there was enough rainy daylight left when the appointment concluded that I was able to fill up the gas tank before heading back to my parents’ house.

I’ve felt under the weather all week – at first I attributed the exhaustion to travel fatigue, but I suspect I might have picked up a bug.  A sinus headache has plagued me all day, so I’ve got a date with a hot shower and an early bedtime.  Hopefully those activities will cure the headache and give me more energy for another long day tomorrow.

Who knows, maybe I’ll see some sunshine soon!

Time Zone Tango

My team spans Eastern Standard through the Pacific time zones.

When I’m on my home turf, I wake early and try to be on-line a little before 6 PST because so much can happen by 9 EST.

This week, on Eastern time, I’m discombobulated.  I’m trying to reach team members in all of the time zones and am leaving long, rambling voice mails.  Tonight, I got back to the ‘rents by 6:45 – earliest night yet.

I wish I had more time here this week – there are so many people I’d like to see while I’m in my “home” town, but with the long work days, I’ve been unable to see anyone but family and my coworkers at the office.

I travel early Sunday to Cleveland, so I’d planned to spend the night at my sister’s on Saturday.  She invited me to stay Friday, too – and she’s having a party.  I hope I’m up for it – I may be the lame older sister who snores on the couch!

Think it will be an early-to-bed night!


All the winter critters in the Mitten love my parents.

This week, while I’m in town for work, I have the luxury of staying with my family.  My parents took pity on all the local wildlife struggling this long, cold Michigan winter and are not only feeding the birds, squirrels, bunnies, and chipmunks, but added deer, opossum, and skunk to that list.

Playing 'Possum

Playing ‘Possum

Last night, we saw several deer, a wee rabbit, a skunk, and an opossum.  I made a comment to my Mom about  the motion lights detecting the wily, rare chupacabra, but I’m afraid the reality is far more mundane.

The bunnies, birds, and other beasts seem to enjoy the yummy seeds, nuts, deer carrots, apples, and even the heated water my folks have in the yard.  Tonight, a deer selected sweet seeds and corn from the bucket Dad set out at twilight.

Seeking Seeds

Seeking Seeds

I joke sometimes about being a midwest hippie, but my love of flora and fauna was nurtured by my soft-hearted parents from a young age.  Mom is an avid gardener and my father, despite his grumpy, surly posturing, is devoted to filling the feeders with fresh seeds and nuts each day.  He spends hundreds of dollars each season on seeds and Mom keeps the bird houses ready for occupants.

As for me, I’m just hoping to spot that chupacabra.  I’ll keep watching every time the motion-sensors turn on the floodlights!