Tracked and True

Tracked everything I ate and drank today – on paper and electronically – for the first time in months.  I believe this will be part of my recipe for removing pounds from my body.  I do not want to be this weight in April when I hit the big 4o – in fact, I would really like to be the weight I was last April, which was 8 pounds below my stated goal weight.

I was very comfortable in my own clothes and felt physically good.  After thinking about it today as I was looking up food values and scribbling them into my journal, I decided that I am going to give myself a challenge goal: reach my goal weight by this time in February, and reach my April 2011 weight by my birthday, which is early April this year.

I went over my daily Points value today, but not by much.  In fact, it was alcohol – not food – that caused me to go over.  If I count my activity points from an excellent Pilates class with the new Wednesday instructor, then I actually have points to spare today.

Tomorrow, I may try to make a Zumba class.  I think I’ll also try to make another pot of veggie soup.  I’ve been craving it since I made some over the holidays and I know it will help me stay on task.

One thing is for certain – tracking what I eat and drink helps me be accountable for the choices I make and the weight I gain or lose.

One thought on “Tracked and True

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